Getting the Best from the Modules

Thank you for choosing to take part in the ilead my business Personal Development Program. We hope you really enjoy the process and the experience of developing yourself and your business while working through the program! To help you have the best possible experience we have provided you some tips on how to get the most from completing the modules.

The Self-Audit

Start with the ileadmybusiness Self Audit. Once you have subscribed to the ileadmybusiness Personal Development Program please complete the audit again to get the full, expanded report. Spend some time considering the feedback and thinking about what it means for you and your business.

The Modules

Your next step is to start working through the Modules, starting with the three core modules. Each module has a number of components including: a Video, Exercises, an Action Plan, a Journal and some recommended readings.

The Video provides the context, background and instructions for the particular coaching theme we are working on.

The program relies on you watching the video and completing the exercises. A good way to do this is to watch the video through without completing anything, then print out all the exercises and repeat watching the video but this time pausing to complete the exercises.

It’s best to pause the video from time to time; we prompt you to do this during the video. Stopping to consider what is being said or to complete an action is sometimes best done in the moment.

You can rewind the video if you miss anything; just take a note of the time at the bottom so you can find your last position easily.

Look at the time estimates that we suggest for completing each module. Give yourself enough time to complete the module. We recommend 30 minutes to 1 hour free of interruptions and distractions. This is your time so ‘defend’ it vigorously!

While time is required for some practical exercises you may also enjoy the thinking space – so create the opportunity for yourself and some quality time.

Find a quiet space either at home or at work with no distractions.
Prepare yourself. Leave pressures, phone calls, other people at the door! Mentally clear your head so you can focus on the exercises. This is your time, be selfish with it so you can put all your energy into the result you want.

The Exercises

The Exercises can be either completed on screen or you can download the PDF version and print hard copies. It is recommended to download these before starting the module.

We also provide examples that can relate to a personal or business situation you face. You can complete the exercise based on the examples that we provide to practice the skill we are discussing then importantly apply the learning to your business or personal situation. Nearly all the tools can be used in multiple contexts and situations so you are only limited by your creativity and imagination!

Have your paper, pens, pencils (multiple colours if possible), close by and ready to go.

Action Plan

A key outcome of every module is to find one thing you will do in the next week to introduce or support change. We call this an Action Plan or Action Step. There is a template provided to help you do this.

Follow the action step process. Commit to completing the action in the week after completing the module. Read the Action Step Guide in the resources section.

Your Journal

Journaling is one of the most powerful things you can do to create self-awareness and expand your thinking. Use the online Journal to record thoughts, actions and monitor progress (you’ll see some guidelines when you go to your Journal page).

Recommended Reading

Each module also comes with a recommended reading list. Choose at least one book from the list and read the book within 6 months of completing the module. Links to make it easy for you to order each book.

Reading a book is a good place to start particularly if the module topic seems quite different or unfamiliar to you. Look at the recommended readings and choose one. This helps open your mind to the exploration you are about to undertake.

Technical stuff

To use the ileadmybusiness website effectively, do these things before you start:

You will be watching a Video so being able to stream video and have sound playing on your computer is a pre-requisite!

Check you’re using one of these supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox (FF) 8 or newer
  • Safari 5 or newer
  • Google Chrome

And on your mobile device:

  • iOS or Android – your default browser
  • Let your browser accept cookies


  • Install Skype if you want to have feedback on modules using Skype
  • Install Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can complete the exercises for the modules

Finally if you get stuck, just ASK. Email us at

Also don’t forget to book a Feedback Session through the ilead website with an ilead Coach to test your thinking, goals and actions.

All the best and we really hope you enjoy the program.

Dave and Chris.

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