Modules are the coaching tools you use to complete the ilead self-development program. Each module consists of a recorded video presentation that includes background, explanation and content description, downloadable exercise templates plus suggestions for further reading and exploration. We suggest you allow for between 30 minutes and 1 hour, free of interruptions, to complete each module. The Core Development modules are compulsory and are included in your subscription. The Self Select modules are optional and you choose which ones you would like to complete. Feedback from your audit results and completed core modules and will help guide you in choosing the appropriate self select modules. We recommend you complete at least 6 self-select modules.

Core Developmental Modules

The essential elements of personal development are covered in these foundation modules. After completing your audit you complete these three core modules next. Essential elements of being successful in business form the foundation of these core-coaching modules.

What drives me?

In this series learn what is the true motivation driving you and your business. Test if these motivations are in line with your current actions and behaviours and if not create plans to ensure they are.

Using Goals to Drive Performance

Goal setting, done well, provides direction and purpose for you and your business. Goal setting takes you from someone who is controlled by life to you being in control of your life. Use this series to develop meaningful targets for your business.

Effective Communication

Good leaders find a way to resonate with people! Using some core principals for effective communication develop skills and experience in influencing, giving feedback, being visionary and developing better customer relationships.

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